Student Ministries

The purpose of Relentless Student Ministries of the First United Pentecostal Church of Cookeville, TN is to CONNECT students with each other and to teach them to REVERENCE God in all things and OPERATE within the calling he has given them, while STRETCHING out to the world with the Gospel and SOLIDIFYING them in the truth of God’s Word.
Intersection - First United Pentecostal Church - Cookeville, TN Intersection: RELENTLESS’ monthly Wednesday night youth service that is usually on the second Wednesday night of the month at the First United Penteocstal Church in Cookeville, TN (Check the church’s calendar on our website for exact dates each month).
This service is designed to be a place where students can turn from traveling their own road and begin traveling God’s road. We are born with a natural inclination to do our own thing, but RELENTLESS’ hope and prayer is that this service will provide a turning point, or “Intersection,” at which a person can make a turn off of his own plan for his life and begin following the road that God would have him to take.
Yield - First United Pentecostal Church - Cookeville, TNYield: RELENTLESS’ prayer meetings (on Tuesday nights run concurrent with the adult & children’s prayer meeting; on Sunday nights prior to church)
The focus of these prayer meetings is for the students to yield themselves to both for that service so God can use them (Sunday night) and to yield the entirety of their lives to God for his service in the kingdom (Tuesday nights). When students enter the prayer room, they are to enter with the understanding that they are entering the “yielding zone.”

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