Bible Quizzing

FUPC Bible Quizzing
Sponsored by the General Sunday School Division and the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International, Bible Quizzing gives young people the opportunity to memorize verses of Scripture and compete on the knowledge of those verses in tournaments across the United States and Canada.
All quizzers under the age of 12 are scheduled to memorize between 181 and 285 verses of Scripture depending on the division in which they quiz, while young people ages 12-18 are given between 428 and 544 verses to commit to memory depending on whether they quiz Intermediate or Experienced. It is an amazing thing to see children as young as 4 years old being able to quote Scriptures word-for-word, while many quizzers ages 12-18 are even able to interpret what the Scripture is saying!
The First United Pentecostal Church in Cookeville, TN has been involved in quizzing for quite some time, and they have experienced a lot of success over the years. The Juniors have quizzed in the national tournament on four separate occasions, while the Seniors have qualified for the national tournament once and placed fourth at one of the regional extravaganzas.
17Sis. Julie Wiley, the coach of the Jr. teams at the First United Pentecostal Church of Cookeville, TN has now been involved in quizzing for around 10 years, including a 2-year stint as an assistant. She was never privileged to quiz, but she has ample experience in keeping score and coaching.
In addition to hearing the personal testimonies of quizzers and their parents, Sis. Julie has personally observed the improvement of her quizzers’ study habits. She also has noted that her quizzers are not being forced to be involved with Jr. Bible Quizzing. She has noticed that when the quiz season comes to a close, they miss it. Most importantly, she personally has been witness to children receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost in the services that are offered at some of the tournaments.
Sis. Julie’s vision for Bible Quizzing centers around the continuation of the Jr. Quizzing program. She desires to see the word of God planted in the hearts of each of her quizzers in a way that they will never be able to forget. Also, while her main focus in the Jr. program, she is also very excited to see the return of Sr. Bible Quizzing to First Church of Cookeville, TN.
Sis. Julie is excited about the potential for success that she sees in her quizzers. As these children commit the word of God to memory, she desires that these verses not only make their way into the minds of these children; she hopes that the daily contact with the word of God will cause it to be rooted in their hearts.